Set a New Year resolutions that matters to you!

New year, new you! Looking at a blank slate is such an exciting thing, right? The New Year season is full of the promise that now, more than any time of year, you can start again and become the person you want to be.

 Set the stage for a beautiful year by choosing resolutions that are genuinely worth sticking to in 2019.


Wellness Resolution 1: I will discover and live by my values.


The new year will be full of exciting (sometimes tough) choices. Should you take a new job in a different state or stay close to those you love? Knowing what truly matters to you in life can help you make that choice. In 2019, resolve to go on a journey of self-exploration and dig deep to find your internal compass.


This year, take a journey to discover your core values. Try journaling about what’s important to you, your goals, and your ideal future. Choose 3-5 values and write how you can exhibit those in our everyday life. For example, knowing that familyand serenitymotivate you may lead you to abandon career ambitions that would take you away from what matters most. However, if successand accomplishmentare two of your core values, you’ll understand that you wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t explore a new opportunity—even if it meant leaving behind everything you know.


Resolve to make choices that are aligned with your internal values in 2019. You’ll feel more centered and better equipped to make big decisions in your life, no matter what.


Wellness Resolution 2: I will purchase sustainably in one area of my life.


If you want to make 2019 your time to begin an eco-conscious lifestyle, don't feel the need to dive in all at once. Choose one area to change your shopping habits to start. You could choose to shop sustainably for toiletries, paper goods, food, or home décor.


You know that your dollar is powerful. As drastic as it may sound, the future of the planet depends heavily on where each of us wields that power. Choose to use yours to support causes that matter to you by starting small: a simple switch of brands can make a big difference.


At Betsy & Brandt’s, we make it easy to support sustainability by donating 2% of every purchase to one of five worthwhile social causes. You know that you’re purchasing snacks, meal replacements, teas and more that are yummy and good for your body—and you’re supporting sustainability in the process.


Wellness Resolution 3: I will prioritize quality time with those I love.


This is something we could all get better at! Make your 2019 New Year’s resolution to spend 1 hour a week deeply connecting to family or friends. This could be by a simple FaceTime call, a coffee date, or game night at the house. Put everything else on hold to build the bonds to the people who make life worth living. states that spending just an hour together each day can have powerful benefits on emotional well-being and positive behavior in kids. If you live with family, suggest that everyone put away digital devices for an hour and play a board game, read a book together, or simply cook dinner and eat together.


If you don’t live with your closest loved ones, set up a skype call together once a week or plan time to meet for dinner or an outing (bonus points for getting out in nature or exercising in some way!)


Wellness Resolution 4: I will clear out negativity from my digital space.


Ditch the comparisons and negativity in 2019 with a digital cleanse. This doesn't mean culling your 300 Instagram followings down to 20 of your closest friends. But take stock of who pops up on your feed throughout a week, and quietly unfollow or remove people who trigger negative feelings in you.


Facebook: use the “unfollow but remain friends” option to stay friends but hide posts from people who constantly complain, lash out, or rant.

Instagram: “mute” those you follow whose posts make you feel less than your best.

Pinterest: cultivate a beautiful and optimistic feed by searching for “positivity quotes” or “nature” (or any images that bring you joy)


There's no need to completely cut ties from people just because of their social media posts. By quietly clearing negativity, you can maintain friendships and still preserve your positive mindset.


Wellness Resolution 5: I will be authentic in all my interactions with others.


Ever feel like you’re so busy catering to people’s feelings that you lose your sense of self? Make 2019 your year to live fully in yourself by committing to authenticity. Become aware of your feelings and make choices that will best serve you. Get an invite to a coworker’s going-away happy hour and don’t want to go? Don’t just say yes out of obligation, or say no with a made-up excuse. Instead, try this: “I won’t make it, but I wish you the very best in the future!”


This is an example of speaking your truth with kindness. There's no need for brutal honesty (that's certainly not our style.) Instead of torturing yourself by saying yes to events you don't want to go to or pretending to care about something or someone you don't, practice telling your truth with kindness.


You’ll feel more in tune with your truth, and will be less likely to hurt any feelings in the process.


Set a New Year resolution that matters to you!


Set your 2019 resolutions for greater things with a wellness resolution! Resolve to make 2019 your year to discover what you value most at heart. Then, use that knowledge to make a meaningful change regarding your relationships, your purchases, and your health.

 You’ll feel more centered in your purpose with the awareness that every choice you make has meaning.