Ariane started her e-commerce adventure a few years back, when she helped fashion designers and manufacturers grow their business by taking it online. She is now a happy team member of Betsy & Brandt’s, managing the day to day operations and product selection. Her passion in health, sustainability and well being for the planet shows through the quality products offered on Betsy & Brandt’s.




Robert Burnie is responsible for digital marketing at Betsy & Brandt's.
As a father of three millennials he understands the importance demonstrated by a generation of passionate individuals aware of social consciousness and diets. Natural and organic foods are an every day part of his life today and these choice have made him and his family healthier.



At Betsy & Brandt's, we care for what is or isn't in your food because it affects your well-being. We believe that by making the right food choices you can reduce the negative impact on the environment and increase fair-mindedness in our society. When you shop at Betsy & Brandt’s, you are doing the right thing!